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Site Selection

The right business in the wrong location can be unworkable or worse. Selecting the right UK location for your business requires the capability to understand its longer term strategic needs not only in terms of its operations and logistics but also the needs of local and relocated personnel.

Our site selection services take account of a whole range of macro-economic, logistical and lifestyle factors. These factors include regional development grants, taxation, the quality of communications, transport infrastructure, education, housing, the skills and availability of a workforce.

And while the UK is a great place to live, the economy is strong, education is great and there is a solid healthcare system there are huge and subtle cultural regional differences that will influence the siting of a UK business.

UK Tax & Regulatory Services

Taxation reform has created a competitive business friendly environment in the UK. Once you have made the decision to establish a UK presence we take care of all tax, business support and regulatory matters. From complex tax management to simple book keeping, our team of tax and financial management specialists, project manage and simplify the whole process.

UK tax reform has reduced the headline rate of corporation tax to 20 per cent. Reforms to the taxation of foreign profits and incentives are offered for innovation activity and R&D done in the UK. There is a real focus at a political level at making the UK the most competitive regime in the G20 and we make sure that both the financial and legal frameworks are structured to allow the business to get on with growing its share of the UK market.

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Hiring & Growth

Over the past thirty years, the UK has undergone a transformation in the quality of its business management and labour relations. A lot of this transformation, across both manufacturing and service sectors, has been driven by the inward investment on greenfield sites of enlightened foreign employers.

When a business needs to hire an entire new workforce there are huge risks of getting it wrong in terms of attitudes, behaviours as well as the more obvious skills and capabilities. Getting the right alignment between the corporate strategy and the new workforce can provide exceptional, sustainable financial and motivational benefits.

Working with our HR team means that non domestic businesses are able to get access to the best people to get the company up and running and open for business in the shortest possible time.

What is the process of setting up business in the UK?

Entering a new market can be challenging but British Strategy will make setting up in UK simple for your business.

  • 1. Premises

    Establish a permanent UK location, office or premises.

  • 2. Register

    Register your business as a taxable UK entity.

  • 3. Legal

    Set up a legal framework to do business in the UK.

  • 4. Hire

    Hire the very best talent for your UK team.

  • 5. Growth

    Grow, promote and market your business in the UK.

British Strategy offers a comprehensive set of market entry services to help you effectively expand into the UK.



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